1.4.8 (2011-09-02)

  • rostest: fixed command-line usage documentation <<Ticket(ros 3606)>>

  • Bug fix for rxgraph stack trace with bad Node bus info <<Ticket(ros 3579)>>

  • roslaunch: bug fix for using rad and deg with rosparam tags <<Ticket(ros 3580)>>

  • roslaunch: Fixed bad default value for param in Process.stop() <<Ticket(ros 3582)>>

  • roslaunch: performance fix for rad and deg with rosparam YAML files <<Ticket(ros 3620)>>

1.4.7 (2011-07-06)

  • Backwards compatibility for rosbuild2 tags
  • Suppress messages for Inbound connection failures during shutdown <<Ticket(ros 3390)>>

  • FreeBSD Python 2.7 updates <<Ticket(ros 3519)>> (Thanks Rene Ladan)

  • rostopic: bug fix for rostopic bw /clock <<Ticket(ros 3543)>>

  • rosgraph_msgs: adding missing dependency on std_msgs

  • rosbag: remove references to unused zlib <<Ticket(ros 3566)>>

  • rosrecord: link with filesystem-mt <<Ticket(ros 3564)>>

1.4.6 (2011-05-24)

  • roslisp: WAIT-UNTIL-READY respects deadlines now.

  • roslaunch: "Unable to contact my own XML-RPC server" error message now points at ROS/NetworkSetup.

  • test_ros: bug fix for testSlave.py <<Ticket(ros 3411)>> (thanks rene)

  • Patch from andrewstraw to handle EINTR in XMLRPC server <<Ticket(ros 3454)>>

1.4.5 (2011-03-01)

  • roswtf: fixed error message/recommendation when ros_comm packages are not built.

  • roscpp: Workaround for log4cxx appender errors being printed to console <<Ticket(ros 3375)>>

1.4.4 (2011-02-24)

  • roscpp: fix for <<Ticket(ros 3300)>> stop a few warnings

  • roscpp: fix for <<Ticket(ros 3271)>> Crash on program exit due to destructor ordering and log4cxx

  • rostopic:

    • bug fix for verbose mode with rostopic pub <<Ticket(ros 3359)>>

    • bug fix for divide by zero in rostopic hz <<Ticket(ros 3367)>>

  • patch from mdesnoyer to update unit tests for <<Ticket(ros 3357)>>

  • rospy: patch from andrewstraw to handle EINTR in tcpros server <<Ticket(ros 3370)>>

1.4.3 (2011-02-21)

  • fixed reporting of roslaunch log file names <<Ticket(ros 3339)>>

  • patch from timn to add retry logic to requestTopic <<Ticket(ros 3337)>>

  • rostime, xmlrpcpp: mingw compatibility patches. <<Ticket(ros 3331)>>, <<Ticket(ros 3332)>>

  • roscreate-stack: bug fix for unicode handling issues

1.4.2 (2011-02-15)

  • Added printout of ros_comm version when running roscore, backed by Parameter Server for better debugging <<Ticket(ros 3206)>>.

  • Better handling of bad test XML output <<Ticket(ros 2917)>>

1.4.1 (2011-02-13)

  • roscpp Add ros::names::parentNamespace

  • rosdeps for debian:squeeze <<Ticket(ros 3311)>>

  • rostopic: bug fix for YAML separator in plot output <<Ticket(ros 3291)>>

  • fixed segfault in log4cxx global destructor <<Ticket(ros 3271)>>

  • make variable patch for test_rosbag from rene <<Ticket(ros 3328)>>

  • roswtf: more robust to master comm failure <<Ticket(ros 3250)>>

1.4.0 (2011-01-18)

The ros_comm stack was separated from the ros stack after the ROS 1.2.x series. This separation was done as part of the REP 100 work. The main motivation for a separate ros_comm stack is to enable the ROS packaging system to be used separately from the ROS communication system, as well as to decouple their development.

  • Python: ros_comm is now Python 2.6 based. Python 2.5 compatibility has been dropped.

  • OS X: rosdep dependencies are now Python 2.6 (via Macports).
  • roscpp:

  • Removed install of deprecated rosrecord/rosplay binaries into ROS_ROOT/bin.

  • roslib's C++ components split into:
    • rostime: time-related classes (Time, Duration, Rate)

    • cpp_common: macros, debugging tools, types

    • roscpp_traits: message and service traits

    • roscpp_serialization: message serialization

    • Everything that was in the ros namespace remains there, so if you have a dependency on roscpp no changes should be required.

  • roscpp

    • Added support for the xmlrpc calls: GetSubscriptions and GetPublications

    • Deprecated defaultMessageCreateFunction in favor of a DefaultMessageCreator functor (<<Ticket(ros,3118)>>, r12091, r12092)

    • ros::ok() will now always be false once a service call returns, if the reason for the call's failure is that the node was shutting down (<<Ticket(ros,3020)>>, r12093)

    • ros::Publisher::publish() now asserts if the message type is not the same as the advertise() type (<<Ticket(ros,2982)>>, r12094)

    • Fixed message trait functions (not classes) when the message type is constant (r12095)
  • rospy:

    • implemented subscriber reconnection.
    • __ns:=: added support for command-line remapping argument for setting namespace

    • rospy.Duration: support for div/truedir/floordiv by an int, long, or float. Also added support by for mul by float and long. <<Ticket(ros 2730)>>

    • Performance: enabled XML-RPC multicall on teardown.
  • $ROS_ROOT/config/python_logging.conf: new Python logging configuration file that affects the standard Python toolchain for ROS: rospy, roslaunch, rostest, rosmaster, roslib, and tools that use these libraries. Log file overridden by a separate file using the ROS_PYTHON_LOG_CONFIG_FILE environment variable.

  • rostopic

    • rostopic pub -f option for publishing from YAML data.

    • better handling of piped data on command line.
    • added rostopic list --host option.

  • Messages moved out of roslib:
  • rostest: separated out rosunit library and unit-test specific tools. These are now part of lower-level ros stack.

  • roswtf

    • --offline option to run static checks only

    • no longer import roslib.msg. Use std_msgs.msg as test instead.

    • updates for REP 100 changes (ros/ros_comm warnings, roslib checks).
  • roslaunch: added --dump-params option.

  • roslisp: new Python-based message generator

  • genmsg_cpp package has been deleted.

Changes since 1.3.4:

  • rostopic: bug fix for use of std_msgs/Header

  • rosbag:

    • bag.py now detects and warns if the md5sum and message definition don't match

    • new script fix_msg_defs.py tries to repair messages where md5sum and message definition don't match (some of these bags existed due to a bug in rosbag back several generations ago)

    • rosbag fix now has a --force option which will skip messages for which migration rules don't exist.

    • rosbag fix uses raw mode on the bag to preserve md5sums even if message def is bad. This also speeds up performance significantly.

  • roslisp:

    • generated roslisp binaries find sbcl on runtime now. This is a fix for generated scripts not working when built as Debian packages.

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