Rosauth is a dependency of rosbridge_suite, providing server side tools for authorization and authentication of ROS bridge clients.



Server side MAC authentication


authenticate (rosauth/Authentication)
  • Server side authentication request


~allowed_time_delta (float, default: 5)
  • Allowed time delta from client to server (negative value means no time check)
~secret_file_location (string)
  • Path to authentication secret (should be 16 characters)

Usage rosbridge suite authenticated server client connection

Configure the rosbridge to use authentication:

roslaunch rosbridge_server rosbridge_websocket.launch authenticate:=true

Set-up the rosauth node (for example purposes we disable time delta checking):

echo "1234567890abcdef" > /tmp/secret.txt  # Example secret
rosrun rosauth ros_mac_authentication _secret_file_location:=/tmp/secret.txt _allowed_time_delta:=-1

In order to test whether your authentication works, generate a mac via the command line:

echo -n "1234567890abcdefclientdestrand0level0" | sha512sum

Call auth service via command line:

rosservice call /authenticate "mac: '19d9d2166799f1ffd6fee6379f957502aff8716bfebc8cc8b3bac57ade14441bb9678be89d0a7eec9c81291f854d754d7a4de2278bede56f162c2faeb468c68a'
client: 'client'
dest: 'dest'
rand: 'rand'
t: {secs: 0, nsecs: 0}
level: 'level'
end: {secs: 0, nsecs: 0}"

This will result in the following response:

authenticated: True

The rosbridge server is responsible for calling the /authenticate service on a request of the client. This can be done using the authenticate method of roslibjs: http://robotwebtools.org/jsdoc/roslibjs/current/Ros.html#authenticate


let secret = 'myawesomesecret1'
let dest = this.url
let rand = randomString(10)
let time = new Date().getTime() / 1000
let timeEnd = time + 1000
let level = "admin"
let mac = sha512(secret + client.getUA() + dest + rand + parseInt(time).toString() + level + parseInt(timeEnd).toString())  // using sha512 library js-sha512 and client library clientjs
this.authenticate(mac, client.getUA(), dest, rand, time, level, timeEnd)  // method from roslibjs

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