0.2.2 (Forthcoming)


  • cl_transforms:

    • Bug fix in MATRIX->QUATERNION.

    • Bug fix in GET-YAW: take into account rotation axis.

    • Bug fix in NORMALIZE-ANGLE.

    • Extended COPY-POSE, COPY-TRANSFORM, COPY-3D-VECTOR and COPY-QUATERNION to overwrite slots in the copy.

  • cl_tf:

    • Added support for ~tf_prefix parameter.
    • Added utility method POSE->POSE-STAMPED.

    • Added timeout to WAIT-FOR-TRANSFORM.

    • Removed time parameter from TRANSFORM-POSE and TRANSFORM-POINT



  • actionlib_lisp:

    • Added SEND-GOAL-AND-WAIT method to improve consistency with C++ and Python versions.

    • Bugfix: Handling of no timeout was broken in WAIT-FOR-RESULT.

    • Added state transition callback to SEND-GOAL.

    • Added RESULT-TIMEOUT parameter to CALL-GOAL.

  • cl_tf:

    • Added MSG->POSE function

    • Improved pretty-printers to also print frame-id and time stamp
    • Check for validity of frame id and throw a TF-LOOKUP-ERROR instead of TF-CONNECTIVITY-ERROR

    • Improved handling of non-qualified frame ids
  • cl_transforms

    • Improved pretty-printers
    • Utility functions to create identity poses and transforms
    • Default data type is DOUBLE-FLOAT now. Automatically coerce numbers to it.

0.1.4 (2011-03-17)

  • actionlib_lisp:

    • Fixed a problem with WITH-TIMEOUT in combination with deadlines

    • Fixed tickets <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4805)>>, <<Ticket(ros-pkg 4806)>>

    • Fixed a bug with usage of WITH-FILEDS: wrong symbols where used


  • cl_transforms:

    • Added convenience functions
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in complex angles returned by quaternion->axis-angle

  • cl_tf: Added functions to convert from and to geometry_msgs/PoseStamped messages


  • Fixed a bug with removing no longer known goals in action client
  • Fixed a bug with action-client and transitions from succeeded to lost
  • Re-release to fix a problem with symlinks in the asdf subdirectory.



  • Initial release
  • Implementation of actionlib in Common Lisp
  • Implementation of tf in Common Lisp

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