RosJava Special Interest Group

Coordinators: Daniel Stonier & Ernesto Corbellini

Discourse forum:

Old google group with archived conversations: ros-sig-java

Topics: Improving the rosjava and android development environment.


  • Daniel Stonier (<stonier AT yujinrobot DOT com>)

  • Sarah Elliot
  • Damon Kohler
  • Kazuto Maruse

Getting Started

If you're just looking to get started with your own rosjava-android development, head to the rosjava or android pages. This page itself is more about development plans for the core rosjava/android libraries and the build environment.


Feel free to assign yourself to anyone of these projects - most of them would be pretty useful to us all.


Build Environment



Birds of a Feather Meetings


Most of this information can now be found at either the rosjava or android pages.

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