Android-Maven Upgrade


  • Java: packaging repositories (intelligent use of maven + bloom)
  • Android: moving from gradle + adt -> gradle android plugin

  • Java + Android: dependency handling across repos.


2013 Jan-Mar: Kazuto upgraded all android apps into osrf/rosandroid. It was still difficult to build and relied on xxx_core forks.

2013 Mar-Apr: Yujin tried using this but the whole environment was still too fragile to really think about relying on it. Too difficult to pass development to non ros people and couldn't scale up easily (i.e. add new repos to the build environment).

2013 ~Roscon: the new android gradle and studio came out and promised much. A few of us (primarily Yujin/OSRF) cornered Damon over a birds of the feather and decided to invest in taking the new tooling for a road test. Big change though, so the github ros-java organisation sprang up. Yujin attacked the gradle/studio side and Sarah from OSRF the maven repo.

2013 Roscon-Aug: a few of us took it for a decent road test on hydro. It was applied to turtlebot hydro for which app management is upgraded, hence changes in ros-java/android_apps. Some hydro bugs also fixed.

2013 Early Sep: Damon's given the thumbs up and ros-java merged back into rosjava to consolidate everything there.

2013 Late Sep: debs rolled for the rosjava repositories. This adds a local maven repository to the ros workspace as well as providing some rosjava package structure.

2013 Late Sep: integration of sarahs maven repo into the rosjava repos, we can now do android builds without having to recompile every source stack!

2013 Post Maven Integration: updated rosjava_core,android_core api documentation and more general build documentation starts at rosjava and android on the ros wiki.

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