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Package Summary

This package is a motion module that can play the saved action. This module is based on position control.

ROS Software Maintainer: ROBOTIS

ROBOTIS e-Manual



Subscribed Topics

robotis/action/page_num (std_msgs/Int32)
  • The message in this topic is used for the page number.
    1 ~ 255 : play action
    -1 : stop action
    -2 : brake action
robotis/action/start_action (thormang3_action_module_msgs/StartAction)
  • The message in this topic is used to play the page number and joint names.

Published Topics

robotis/status (robotis_controller_msgs/StatusMsg)
  • The message in this topic is used for current state.
robotis/movement_done (std_msgs/String)
  • The message in this topic is used for .

Services Called

robotis/action/is_running (thormang3_action_module_msgs/IsRunning)
  • This service is used to check whether the action is running or not


action_file_path (string, default: thormang3_action_module/data/motion_4095.bin)
  • This parameter is used to indicate the file path that indicates the location of action libraries for Thormang3.

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