TREX is currently operational, but supported only on a casual basis. These tutorials are incomplete, and are not being actively developed at this time.

Bare Essentials

These tutorials will get you working with the basic elements of T-REX.

  1. Obtain, compile and test T-REX.

    This tutorial will get you started using T-REX.

  2. Create and explore a simple Hello World project

    In this tutorial you will create a T-REX demo project and execute a test case.

  3. Using the test harness

    In this tutorial you will learn about the test harness structure put in place for testing the executive

  4. Visualize prior execution

    In this tutorial you will learn the basics of using the trexmonitor tool to visualize execution

  5. Interactive execution and visualization

    In this tutorial you will learn the basics of incremental, interactive execution and visualization of trex.

Handy Bot

You are now ready to apply T-REX to more interesting situations. For this set of tutorials, we imagine HandyBot, a fictitious robot, which we will empower incrementally to do increasingly sophisticated things, albeit in a simulated world. Handybot, and the material in this section, are inspired by experiences in mobile manipulation with the PR2 driving around an office, opening doors, and plugging itself in fully autonomously. Check it out!

  1. An introduction to Agent Actions

    In this tutorial you will learn about a standard T-REX model element (an AgentAction) for encapsulating modular, goal-achieving behaviors.

  2. Create your first action

    In this tutorial you will create an action and build a simple NDDL simulator for testing. This makes it easy to see how things work in the executive without getting into more complicated integration.

Advanced Topics

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