This tutorial package provides one teleop node:

  • turtle_teleop_joy node which can be interfaced with any node publishing joy messages to drive turtle1 in turtlesim.

Running the Tutorial Code

To run the default examples, start by getting the required dependencies and making the package.

$ rosdep install turtle_teleop
$ rosmake turtle_teleop

Then there are five different launch files for setting up your device with the teleop node and driving turtle1 in the turtlesim. See the tutorials for more device specific details.

  • turtle_joy.launch - setup for a standard linux joystick
  • turtle_keyboard.launch - setup for a standard keyboard
  • turtle_ps3joy.launch - setup for a PS3 bluetooth joystick
  • turtle_spacenav.launch - setup for a spacenavigator
  • turtle_wii.launch -setup for a wiimote

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