0.1.19 (2011-10-13)

0.1.18 (2011-09-23)

0.1.17 (2011-8-25)

0.1.15 (2011-08-08)

  • turtlebot_node: Fixed breaker script that caused the breaker toggle on the dashboard to change but not actually be set in hardware

  • turtlebot_node: Fixed diagnostics bug that cause the turtlebot_node to crash if has_gyro was set to false

  • turtlebot_description:Changed the turtlebot.xacro to reflect the production TurtleBot of 2" standoffs on the bottom level of the TurtleBot

0.1.14 (2011-06-16)

  • turtlebot_simulator: changed topic names in turtlebot gazebo urdf to reflect actual hardware

  • turtlebot_simulator: changed clipping plane of kinect to reflect actual hardware and changed to use new gazebo plugin for the kinect

0.1.13 (2011-06-16)

  • turtlebot_node: Added code to make the charging behavior more stable, now the TurtleBot will soft reset itself when plugged in to maintain a full charge

  • turtlebot_node: Added code to automatically start the TurtleBot if it is plugged into a power source.

0.1.12 (2011-06-08)

  • Added new 'Make a Map' app to mock_apps/turtlebot_apps.installed
  • diagnostics: changing default behavior for bumps and wheel drops
  • new version of turtlebot_bringup/upstart files. Now you specify at install time which network interface you want to use. My previous attempt at an automagic system was not able to do the right thing reliably. See turtlebot_bringup/upstart/README for details.
  • Modified upstart scripts to handle arbitrary network interface stops and starts. New version maintains ROS always running with IP address from most-recently-added network interface.

0.1.11 (2011-05-09)

  • new mock_app config

0.1.10 (2011-05-05)

  • Updating mock_app configuration

0.1.9 (2011-05-05)

0.1.8 (2011-04-16)

  • Base app (temporary) for bringing up base driver.

0.1.7 (2011-04-15)

  • Added upstart scripts for loading app_manager harness on wlan0 interface.
  • Chirp now part of mock apps.
  • Simple script for determining IP of wlan0. Requires separate install of netifaces.
  • Added PS3 app to mock apps.

0.1.6 (2011-04-08)

  • Improved turtlebot_node robustness to unplugging and powered off states.

0.1.5 (2011-04-07)

  • app_manager integration with more minimal and modular startup.

  • Now requires multimaster_experimental stack.

0.1.4 (2011-04-05)

  • Added dependency on image_transport_plugins

0.1.3 (2011-03-07)

  • Fixing odometry for doubly counted rotation

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