WheeledRobin Bringup

This package starts the WheeledRobin. There are several launch files for different applications.

Launch Files

Launch files are similar to the Turtlebot launch files with minor differences. Use roslaunch files to load this files.

  • minimal.launch - The base launch file for WheeledRobin. Starts the basic nodes (wheeled_robin_node), robot_state_publisher, diagnostic_aggregator, and robot_pose_ekf.

  • minimal_fake.launch - Same as minimal.launch but does not load wheeled_robin_node. Instead fake_odom is loaded.

  • minimal_with_appmanager.launch - Same as minimal.launch but additional starts the WheeledRobin app managers and loads the WheeledRobin app list and parts of the Turtlebot app list.

  • minimal_fake_with_appmanager.launch - Same as minimal_fake.launch with additional app manager.

  • 3dsensor.launch - The 3D sensor launch file. Starts all the nodes/nodelets required to use the Microsoft Kinect or ASUS Xtion as a laser scanner and camera: openni_camera and depthimage_to_laserscan.

  • paired_public.launch - Starts a public ros master for an app manager. Typically not used alone, instead use bringup.concert!

Concert Files

Concert files are similar to the Turtlebot launch files with minor differences.Use rocon command to launch rocon files.

  • bringup.concert - Launches a private master at port 11312 with minimal_with_appmanager.launch and a public master at 11311 with paired_public.launch.

  • bringup_fake.concert - Same as bringup.concert but does launch minimal_fake_with_appmanger.launch instead of minimal_with_appmanager.launch.

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