This package is a lightweight wrapper around the Zbar barcode processing library. It provides a node and a nodelet with equivalent interface. The image topic is a lazy subscription that is active only when the barcode topic has a client.

Node API


The barcode_reader_node listens to image data (camera or otherwise) on the incoming topic, outputs the contents of any barcodes detected in the images.

Subscribed Topics

image (sensor_msgs/Image)
  • Image input to scan for barcodes.

Published Topics

barcode (std_msgs/String)
  • Barcodes detected in image input.


~throttle_repeated_barcodes (double)
  • Time (s) to throttle any repeated barcode scans. If 0.0, all detected barcodes will be output as fast as the node can process the incoming images.

Nodelet API

Same API as node, available as zbar_ros/barcode_reader_nodelet.

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