This page lists changes that are made in the 1.3.x series of ROS (Diamondback Unstable).

See also ROS/ReleaseProcess.

1.3.3 (Forthcoming)

  • OS X: Python rosdeps are now specified as Python 2.6 (py26-*). Thanks to Nicholas Butko for help with wxpython dependencies.
  • rosmake:

    • OSX python update <<Ticket(ros 3207)>>

    • Patch for load average control <<Ticket(ros 2920)>>

  • rospack:

    • Applied patch to add -q option to suppress most error output <<Ticket(ros 3177)>>. Thanks to Peter Soetens.

    • fixed bug in which a package containing a rospack_nosubdirs file wasn't found <<Ticket(ros 3191)>>.

    • added check for extreme directory depth <<Ticket(ros 2218)>>.

    • drop back to normal user permissions when running under sudo, to avoid writing cache with superuser ownership <<Ticket(ros 2884)>>.

  • rosbuild:

    • use standard FindOpenMP module <<Ticket(ros 3184)>>.

    • handle tar files not in subdirectories <<Ticket(ros 3034)>>.

    • fixed spurious relink on gtest-linked executable <<Ticket(ros 2460)>>.

    • create intermediate directories as needed for downloaded files <<Ticket(ros 2970)>>.

    • add exported cmake directories to module search path, for easier inclusion of multiple modules <<Ticket(ros 2813)>>.

    • move client lib cmake code inclusion into rosbuild_genmsg and rosbuild_gensrv <<Ticket(ros 2968)>>.

  • roscreate: roscreate-stack detects implicit ros_comm dependency and also handles license aggregation better (r12658).

  • roscreate: Bug fix for roscreate-stack --show-deps (r12666).

  • Moved rosdep definitions for paramiko, matplotlib, python-numpy, python-imaging, apt, and log4cxx from ros stack to ros_comm.

  • roslaunch: added --dump-params option <<Ticket(ros 2685)>>

  • rosdep:

    • Patched to not fail on empty stack <<Ticket(ros 3233)>>

    • Patched to not crash on empty rosdep.yaml files <<Ticket(ros 2762)>>

  • rosconsole: explicitly refer to the ros namespace via ::ros <<Ticket(ros 2552)>>

1.3.2 (2010-12-01)

  • rostopic: added rostopic list --host option. <<Ticket(ros,3145)>>

Bug fixes:

  • roslaunch: bug fix for using 'if' with remap tag inside of a node tag (r12332)

  • rosunit: patch to write to file while still open

1.3.1 (2010-11-19)

  • Messages moved out of roslib:
  • roslib's C++ components split into:
    • rostime: time-related classes (Time, Duration, Rate)

    • cpp_common: macros, debugging tools, types

    • roscpp_traits: message and service traits

    • roscpp_serialization: message serialization

    • Everything that was in the ros namespace remains there, so if you have a dependency on roscpp no changes should be required.

  • rosunit: new unit-test focused library as a replacement for use of rostest. rostest continues to support integration testing, but rosunit enables writing unit tests without dependencies on a ROS communication system.

  • rostopic echo | rostopic pub support. rostopic echo outputs in YAML format (Bagys), which can either be stored into a file or piped into rostopic pub. Example:

    • rostopic echo chatter > chatter.bagy
      cat chatter.bagy | rostopic pub chatter_redirect std_msgs/String -r 10
      rostopic echo -b chatter.bag chatter > chatter.bagy
  • rospy

    • __ns:=: added support for command-line remapping argument for setting namespace

    • get_node_proxy()/NodeProxy: removed. No tick-tock deprecation cycle there are no usages of these APIs in any ros-pkg/wg-ros-pkg code.

    • rospy.Duration: support for div/truedir/floordiv by an int, long, or float. Also added support by for mul by float and long. <<Ticket(ros 2730)>>

    • Performance: enabled XML-RPC multicall on teardown.
  • $ROS_ROOT/config/python_logging.conf: new Python logging configuration file that affects the standard Python toolchain for ROS: rospy, roslaunch, rostest, rosmaster, roslib, and tools that use these libraries. Log file overridden by a separate file using the ROS_PYTHON_LOG_CONFIG_FILE environment variable.

  • roscpp

    • Deprecated defaultMessageCreateFunction in favor of a DefaultMessageCreator functor (<<Ticket(ros,3118)>>, r12091, r12092)

    • ros::ok() will now always be false once a service call returns, if the reason for the call's failure is that the node was shutting down (<<Ticket(ros,3020)>>, r12093)

    • ros::Publisher::publish() now asserts if the message type is not the same as the advertise() type (<<Ticket(ros,2982)>>, r12094)

    • Fixed message trait functions (not classes) when the message type is constant (r12095)
  • rosbuild

    • Ported from rostest to rosunit (<<Ticket(ros,3112)>>)

    • Added ROSBUILD_DONT_REDEFINE_PROJECT option (<<Ticket(ros,3119)>>)

Bug fixes:

  • rospy

    • bug fix for message md5sums when field name collides with Python keyword (r11725, r11727 <<Ticket(ros 2990)>>)

    • squelch I/O-related exceptions in topics when shutdown has occurred <<Ticket(ros 2673)>>

    • cleanup of cleanup code to get rid of exceptions. (r11753, <<Ticket(ros 3096)>>)

    • bug fix for resolving ~/name properly. <<Ticket (ros 3044)>>

  • roslib

    • Bug fix for find_node() to find read-only files (r11736, <<Ticket(ros 3085)>>)

  • roslaunch:

    • better cleanup when server startup fails (r11711, <<Ticket(ros 2914)>>)

    • better error message on invalid package. (r11979)

1.3.0 (2010-10-22)

Most of the work for this release is related to REP 100. Please also see REP 101, ROS 1.4 Release Schedule.

Please consult the ROS 1.2.3 release and prior for previous changes.

  • genmsg_cpp package has been deleted.

  • All GUI related packages moved to the rx stack. This makes the core ros stack much lighter weight and easier to port to more platforms.

  • rosdoc has been moved to the documentation stack.

  • roslisp: new Python-based message generator

  • rosbagmigration/rosrecord: Deprecation warnings added

  • rosversion command now parses version number out of CMakeLists.txt, which means it works on any conforming, versioned stack.

  • rosservice/rostopic: verify sys.stdin.isatty() before polling stdin

  • Deprecated roslib.vcs and roslib.distro. These packages may be removed instead of tick-tocked as no dependencies outside of ROS should exist on them.

  • PyDev support for Eclipse projects

  • rostopic: migrated to use rosbag instead of rosrecord

Bug fixes:

  • rospy:

    • bug fix for subscriber-side latching <<Ticket(ros 3053)>>

  • roslisp

    • Don't access md5 sum in header when handling a service probe
  • roscpp

    • Fix valgrind errors when subscribers reconnect (r11356, <<Ticket(ros,3047)>>)

  • roslib: bug fix for hang when computing dependencies of packages when they are circular

  • roslaunch:

    • don't check log usage on remote machines (r11675, <<Ticket(ros 3088)>>)

  • rosbuild:

    • enabled PyDev project suppport for Eclipse <<Ticket(ros 3049)>>

    • fixed bug that was affecting builds in heavily symlinked environments

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