Start the Gazebo simulation environment

Run the Care-O-bot Simulator Gazebo, it is described on cob_bringup or cob_bringup_sim.

Use the dashboard to move the robot

The Dashboard is a control panel to control the robot. You can give the robot some basic commands. Just try out some buttons and let the robot move.

roslaunch cob_bringup dashboard.launch

For example you can press the folded button in the arm category and you will see the arm is moving to a position behind the torso. Try to press the "wave out" button in the category arm pos. You see the arm of the robot swing out to the top as an sinus wave.

A little list for the many shortcuts so you can better understand the Dashboard:


the robot can bow down with the upper part


beside the robot is a tray where you can for example put objects on

arm pos

predefined positions for the arm

arm traj

predefined trajectories for the arm


the gripper of the robot


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