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Care-O-bot Family

Care-O-bot 4

Care-O-bot 4

The Care-O-bot 4 is the new modular service robot generation from Fraunhofer IPA.

You can find information about the distribution and configuration of Care-O-bot 4 at the distribution site.

Care-O-bot 3


The Care-O-bot 3 is a mobile manipulation platform built by Fraunhofer IPA. The software running on Care-O-bot 3 supports ROS for the driver level as well as for higher level applications. Robots Using ROS: Care-O-bot 3 (Fraunhofer IPA)

You can find information about the distribution and configuration of Care-O-bot 3 at the distribution site.


Setup your desktop machine

The recommended way for most of the users is to use the stable releases. Unstable should only be used if you need new features which aren't available in the stable releases. Directly downloading and installing the sources from git is only recommended for developers if you want to modify stacks.

Stable Releases (well tested)

Version Control (brand new features, but not tested)

Setup the robot machines (for robot administrators)

If you want to setup the installation on the robot, please have a look at the Care-O-bot Manual.

Capability Overview

Basic Configuration


ROS package/stack

Robot-specific Messages

Robot-specific Services


Robot model (URDF)


Machine configuration


Hardware Drivers and Simulation


ROS package/stack

Actuator Drivers

cob_bringup, cob_driver

Sensor Drivers

cob_bringup, cob_driver

Simulation (3D)

cob_bringup_sim, cob_gazebo_worlds, cob_gazebo_objects

High-Level Capabilities


ROS package/stack





Arm motion planning

cob_arm_navigation, cob_manipulator




cob_object_perception, cob_people_perception, cob_environment_perception


Environment variables

By using the stacks you will be prompted to set two environment variables ROBOT and ROBOT_ENV:

  • ROBOT, this variable is used to define which configuration of Care-O-bot or rob@work you are going to use (see full list of robots on the distribution site). Currently you can set it to:

    • cob4-1: Care-O-bot 4 with fully actuated torso and head

    • cob4-2: Care-O-bot 4 with fixed torso and head

    • cob3-6: Care-O-bot with Schunk LWA arm and 3 Schunk PRL torso

    • cob3-9: Care-O-bot with Schunk LWA arm and 3 Schunk PRL torso

    • raw3-1: Rob@work 3 with a Universal Robot arm and 1 Schunk PW torso

  • ROBOT_ENV, this variable is used to define in which environment you are going to use the robot. Currently you can set it to:

    • ipa-kitchen: Former kitchen environment at Fraunhofer IPA

    • ipa-apartment: Apartment environment at Fraunhofer IPA

    • ipa-factory: Factory environment at Fraunhofer IPA outpost (Industriestrasse)

Using Care-O-bot in simulation

Have a look at the cob_bringup_sim package to bringup Care-O-bot in simulation.

Using a real Care-O-bot

For a first start on Care-O-bot, please have a look at the Care-O-bot Manual and the cob_bringup package to bringup a real Care-O-bot.


Please see the official Care-O-bot tutorials.


Please consult the Care-O-bot Manual or ros answers to see if your problem is already known.

Please use the mailing list for additional support or feature discussion.

Use github issues to report bugs or request features. We are also happy to receive github pull requests.

Please find a list of all Care-O-bot related stacks on github.

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