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Hardware Requirements

To use this package you don't need any hardware, but it is intended to be used with either a real Care-O-bot or a simulated one (see cob_bringup or cob_bringup_sim).


The cob_command_gui package provides a configurable node for operating different hardware parts of Care-O-bot. The command_gui uses the functionalities of the cob_script_server package.

The is configurable by a .yaml file to send topics and services. Inside the command_gui mainly actionlib calls are used.



rosdep install cob_command_gui
rosmake cob_command_gui

For starting the command_gui

export ROBOT=cob3-3
export ROBOT_ENV=ipa-kitchen
roslaunch cob_bringup dashboard.launch

The parameters of the command_gui are defined in cob_default_env_config and cob_default_robot_config and loaded in the parameter server.

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