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Launching a Gazebo Simulation Environment

Description: How to bring up a Gazebo world and load the Copernicus Robot in the simulation environment

Keywords: Copernicus

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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  • To bring up a gazebo world, launch the gazebo node by running:
  • $ roslaunch copernicus_description gazebo.launch
  • This will bring up a Gazebo environment with the willow garage world file.
    • Copernicus_Tutorial1a

  • For instructions on how to build your own world file, refer to the tutorials on Gazebo

  • Once the gazebo simulation environment is launched, run the following to load the Copernicus robot:
  • $ roslaunch copernicus_description simulate.launch
  • This will bring up the Copernicus robot in the simulation environment.
    • Copernicus_Tutorial1b

  • For visualization, launch rviz by running:
  • $ rosrun rviz rviz
  • The configuration file, copernicus.rviz which is located under copernicus_description->rviz_params, can be opened in the rviz tool to load the copernicus configured rviz environment

  • In order to start the teleoperation node, run the following:
  • $ roslaunch copernicus_teleoperator copernicus_teleoperator.launch keyboard:=true
  • This will launch the keyboard teleoperator node. To launch the joystick node, set the keyboard argument to False.

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