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Teleoperating the mobile base with the keyboard

Description: How to move the differential drive base of TIAGo using the key_teleop package.

Keywords: teleoperation, mobile base, key_teleop

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: Move the base through velocity commands



This tutorial shows a way to teleoperate the mobile base of TIAGo using the keyboard. This relies on the ROS package key_teleop which is compatible with most of ROS enabled robots.


First make sure that the tutorials are properly installed along with the TIAGo simulation, as shown in the Tutorials Installation Section.


First open two consoles and source the public simulation workspace as follows:

  • $ cd /tiago_public_ws/
    $ source ./devel/setup.bash

Launching the simulation

In the first console launch for example the following simulation

  • roslaunch tiago_gazebo tiago_gazebo.launch public_sim:=true world:=simple_office_with_people

Gazebo will show up with TIAGo in the following world.


Running key_teleop

In the second console run key_teleop as follows

  • rosrun key_teleop

which will transform the appearance of the console into this


Now pressing the up and down arrows will make the robot go forward and backward respectively. Left and right arrows will cause the robot to turn about itself in the corresponding directions.


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