This package contains the source code for firmware that handles communication with the ArbotiX-ROS bindings. It can be compiled and uploaded to the ArbotiX using the Arduino IDE.

Compiling and Uploading Firmware

To compile and upload the firmware you will need to:

You can then copy the files found in the src folder of this package into your sketchbook. You should then be able to open the ros sketch, compile and upload.

Build Configurations

There are several build macros that select the configuration of your firmware:

  • USE_PML - builds support for the Planar Meta-Laser (PML).

  • USE_BASE - builds support for control of a differential drive base.

  • USE_BIG_MOTORS - uses the BigMotors library, which allows upgrading the 1A motor drivers found on the ArbotiX to a 30A motor driver available from Pololu. (Details soon).

  • USE_HW_SERVOS - uses the HServo library rather than the newer Servo library for hobby servo support. This limits the ArbotiX to only 2 hobby servos, however it provides immunity against servo jitter under heavy processor load (and is therefore recommended).

Road Map

Future releases of this package will include pre-compiled binaries that can be uploaded using just avrdude.

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