DEVELOPMENTAL: This status indicates that this software is not yet production ready code. The software has some level of unit-testing. There are known issues and missing functionality. The APIs are unstable but unlikely to change drastically. Use in production systems will likely require modifications including improvements and/or bug fixes. For more information see the ROS-Industrial software status page.

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Tutorial for Hironx is integrated into NEXTAGE OPEN's page.

Available Robot Client Methods

hironx_ros_bridge is supported by the opensource community per best-effort basis. If you find anything wrong, or would like to add more documentation, please consider opening a ticket and providing patches at the issue tracker.

Methods' API Doc

User can get a the most control of the Hironx robot through the Python class hironx_ros_bridge.hironx_client.HIRONX, where the large part of methods are derived from hrpsys.HrpsysConfigurator. Some of their methods are overridden specifically for Hironx at the Python class `HIRONX` (that is a derived class of hrpsys.HrpsysConfigurator).

Unit Testing

For some of those methods derived from hrpsys, unit test cases are available in nextage_ros_bridge/test/ Download it and run:

$ mv `rospack find nextage_ros_bridge`/test
$ chmod 755
$ rosrun nextage_ros_bridge 

As of today (Jan 31, 2014), you might want to modify the file to adjust to your environment. Open the file with the editor, replace rtm.nshost with the QNX hostname of your robot.

This will be improved so that you can specify the hostname in easier way.

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