Quick start

  1. Quick Start for Robot Users

    A QuickStart guide to help the users who purchased the Nextage Open robot to jump start; this tutorial will show how to fire up, do the simplest task with arms, and to run existing sample codes. Virtual users (who don't have the real robot) can start from the next tutorial.

Operation, logistics (introductory level)

All users of Hiro / NEXTAGE OPEN need to go through here (simulation users can skip some).

  1. Install Hironx/NEXTAGE OPEN API software on your machine

    Installation described here can be applied to both Hironx and NEXTAGE OPEN robots. Also illustrated here is the role of the two computers that come with the robot (QNX, Ubuntu).

  2. Run simulated Hiro / NEXTAGE OPEN robot

    Introduce a few ways of how to run the processes simulated robot.

  3. Running ROS process, operating via scripts and GUI.

    Fire up some particular processes on Ubuntu to use applications. Also learn interactive operation using python script on ipython terminal.

  4. Monitoring and operating via GUI

    rqt dashboard for Hironx / NEXTAGE OPEN provides monitoring and operational features in a graphical way.

  5. Teaching HiroNXO

    No conventional teaching pendant is available for HiroNXO robots. No hustles, ROS provides some easy ways to do it.

  6. Support, Contribution

    Available support on opensource community, and how to give back contribution.

Programming Hiro / NEXTAGE OPEN (intermediate)

  1. Introduction to Programming Hiro / NEXTAGE OPEN

    Introduction to Various API options to start programming for Hiro (Open) / NEXTAGE OPEN robot.

  2. Programming Hiro / NEXTAGE OPEN (RTM)

    More OpenRTM-based commands of Hiro (Open) / NEXTAGE OPEN are introduced in scenario-oriented manner. Then how to write your own python script is explained.

  3. Programming Hiro / NEXTAGE OPEN (ROS)

    Out of 3 levels of ROS APIs introduced, ROS_Client, the dedicated ROS interface for HiroNXO, is mainly explained.

  4. Programming Hiro / NEXTAGE OPEN (GUI)

    This tutorial shows how to play with MoveIt! from GUI and other intuitive user interfaces.

  5. Programming Hiro / NEXTAGE OPEN (MoveIt Python Commander)

    Default programming API of Hiro (Open) / NEXTAGE OPEN for ROS is explained. It is based on MoveIt!.

  6. Write a client program by mixing ROS and RTM APIs

    No Description

  7. Using digital I/O (NXO only)

    Explains DIO operation via opensource software.

  8. Using IKFast with MoveIt! on NEXTAGE

    Use IKFast solver for NXO along with MoveIt!.

  9. Task-oriented programming for HiroNXO

    Programming examples for more complicated task. Unlike any previous tutorials, we now use all APIs available for HiroNXO to achieve the tasks.

Customization (advanced)

  1. Operation on QNX

    Daily operation of Hironxo's Controller Box (that runs on QNX real-time OS)

  2. Adding / Changing Robot Model for HiroNxo

    No Description

  3. Changing Grippers on Nextage Hardware

    No Description

  4. Advanced installation Hironx/NEXTAGE OPEN API software

    Advanced installation for HiroNXO robots users. You usually don't need any from here.

  5. Adding Force Control Capabilities

    With some special settings, you can enable a Cartesian impedance control component of hrpsys controller called "Impedance Control" on HiroNxo robots, which utilizes the realtime nature of QNX.

  6. Setup ROCON App Manager

    How to control a robot application from Android.

  7. Setup onboard cameras (IDS ueye)

    This tutorial shows how to use the cameras that come with the robot by default (IDS' UEYE), those stereo cameras on the head and ones at each handtip. Also shows how to run AR tag recognition using these cameras.

  8. Xtion/Kinect Camera TF Calibration

    Explains multiple ways of vision-based calibration for coordinates between head-mount camera and hands. With an advanced method you can even fine-tune joint offsets.

  9. (Pro users only) Install/Update software on ControllerBox

    This tutorial is valid only for pro users who purchased installation service

  10. Troubleshooting

    This is not a tutorial -- this page is there for the sake of search engine. Troubles and possible solutions/workarounds are recorded here.

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