ForteRC is a mobile robotic platform designed for research in the field of social robotics. ForteRC is a robust omnidirectional platform that can carry more than 100kg - ideal for transporting heavy loads or even a person in indoor facilities.

Processing System

ForteRC comprises a two-layer processing system:

Sensory System

ForteRC is equipped with the following sensors:

Actuation System

ForteRC can act on the environment in different ways:

Electrical Scheme

ForteRC communication and power schemes, please see:


Packages Overview

Basic Configuration


ROS package/stack

Robot model (URDF)




ROS package/stack

Motors Controller


Head Controller


Manipulator Controller


High-Level Capabilities


ROS package/stack





Quick start

To benefit from ROS directly within ForteRC's internal CPU (Intel NUC NUC5i5RYH), you must first connect to it. To do so, you can directly work using its touchscreen, or even connecting other peripherals (keyboard, mouse, etc). Yet, the simplest way is to simply use a remote desktop software. ForteRC's internal CPU comes with the NoMachine remote desktop tool, which allows users to directly connect to it using the same software, regardless on their OS.

Follow these steps to work on ForteRC's internal CPU using NoMachine:

  1. Download and install NoMachine on you own computer (NoMachine download page)

  2. In case ForteRC is already connected to the same wireless network than you, then jump to step 6
  3. Check for available wireless networks and connect to the one with SSID Forte-Ap

  4. Introduce the following password: 1234567890

  5. Connect to ForteRC using NoMachine, under the IP, using nuc as both username and password, then jump to step 7

  6. If you are connected to the same network than ForteRC, you will be able to see it through NoMachine, and you just have to connect to it, using nuc as both username and password

  7. That's it - Enjoy!

Forte_RC Description

FORTE_ROSv10 provides urdf models for Forte_RC robot.


ForteRC 3D model in rviz.


roslaunch FORTE_ROSv10 display.launch

Please check ForteRC_navigation.


Although most of ForteRC's sensors and actuators are already integrated in ROS, some additional features are available through its ROS API, starting with the low-level driver.


FORTERC_driver is a ROS driver for the ForteRC platform, implemented on the Arduino MEGA ADK board. It deals with the omnidirectional kinematics, motor controllers and ultrasonic sensor readings. FORTERC_driver benefits from rosserial_arduino to publish and subscribe topics to the high-level layer. Read more about FORTERC_driver.

Subscribed Topics

cmd_vel (geometry_msgs/Twist)
  • Velocity commands to FORTE-RC.
RGB_leds (std_msgs/UInt8MultiArray)
  • Control right and left RGB head LEDs.

Published Topics

odometry (nav_msgs/Odometry)
  • Odometry data from the robot.
sonars (std_msgs/UInt16MultiArray)
  • Range data from the array of 16 ultrasonic sensors.

Provided tf Transforms

  • Odometry transform from odom frame to FORTE-RC's center.
  • Computed footprint of FORTE-RC on the ground (z=0). This pose is always regarding the center of the platform.


FORTERC_head is a simple adaptation of the ros_pololu_servo to ForteRC's head, controlled using a Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller. It deals with the control of both yaw (azimuth) and pitch (elevation). Read more about FORTERC_head.

Subscribed Topics

pololu/command (ros_pololu_servo/MotorCommand)

Published Topics

pololu/motor_states (ros_pololu_servo/MotorStateList)

Robotic Manipulator MOVER 6

The Mover6 is a robotic manipulator with 6 degrees of freedom. CPR_Mover ros package was implemented to establish a robot control loop and connecting the robot arm using the USB-CAN adapter. Read more about PCAN-USB. Mover6.

Subscribed Topics

CPRMoverErrorCodes (std_msgs/String)
  • Provides a string with the current status of the robot arms hardware joints, the error codes.
Joint States (sensor_msgs/JointState)
  • Provides 6 joint values of the robot in radian.

Published Topics

CPRMoverJointVel (sensor_msgs/JointState)
  • When there are no points to replay from the actionServer, the robot reacts to the jog values in these messages. The allowed range is [-100.0 .. 100.0].
CPRMoverCommands (std_msgs/String)
  • The Mover reacts to commands received with these messages. Commands are: Connect / Reset / Enable / GripperOpen / GripperClose / Override ppp

Microsoft Kinect 2 NUI sensor

The Kinnect 2 is a Natural User Interface with HD resolution, Infrared array, depth camera and microphone array. To get more information about full specs please check Kinect2 specs. To use Kinect 2 on ros, libfreenect2 ros package was implemented. To establish the bridge beetween ROS and Kinect iai_kinect2 ros package was implemented. Read more about kinect2_Forte_RC.

ForteRC Teleop

Forte_RC uses Wiimote to teleoperate the robot. The controller communicates wirelessly with the robot via short-range Bluetooth radio. joystick_drivers/wiimote ros package was implemented to allow communication between the remote and ROS. To operate robot movements simply launch forte_rc_wii_teleop.launch a pair the wiimote with the robot by pushing 1 & 2 buttons until the blue led's stop blinking. That's it. Enjoy!

Published Topics

joy (joy/joy)
  • Topic on which Wiimote accelerometer, gyro, and button data are published. Axes are: linear AccelerationX/Y/Z, followed by angular velocityX/Y/Z.
cmd_vel (twist/cmd_vel)
  • Information on the velocities provided to Forte_RC driver

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