ROS node to serve NAOqi audio functionalities

Published Topics

nao_audio/audio_source_localization (nao_interaction_msgs/AudioSourceLocalization)


nao_audio/master_volume (nao_interaction_msgs/AudioMasterVolume)
  • Service for setting the master volume of NAO. The volume must be between 0 and 100.
nao_audio/play_file (nao_interaction_msgs/AudioPlayback)
  • Service for audio playback via NAO. Takes as request the path of the audio file to playback. Empty response when the playback is done.
nao_audio/record (nao_interaction_msgs/AudioRecorder)
  • Service for audio recording via NAO. Takes as request the path to write the recorded audio file and the seconds of the recording. Empty response when the recording is done.

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