New in Fuerte openni_tracker is now a unary stack. Previously it was a package in openni_kinect.


How to Use

rosrun openni_tracker openni_tracker - Independent node that does not require other nodes to run (however, make sure your Kinect is powered. For example, on Turtlebot, kinect.launch needs to be run successfully).

Once running, stand in front of the Kinect and surrender (i.e. hit the Psi Pose. You should see some variation on the following messages.

New User 1
Pose Psi detected for user 1
Calibration started for user 1
Calibration complete, start tracking user 1
Lost User 1

The user's pose will be published as a set of transforms (/tf) with the following frame names.

  • /head

  • /neck

  • /torso

  • /left_shoulder

  • /left_elbow

  • /left_hand

  • /right_shoulder

  • /right_elbow

  • /right_hand

  • /left_hip

  • /left_knee

  • /left_foot

  • /right_hip

  • /right_knee

  • /right_foot

Topics and Parameters


camera_frame_id (string, default: openni_depth_frame)
  • The name of the frame that all /tf transforms will use as a parent.

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