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This stack collects PR2-specific components that are used in bringing up a robot.

  • Maintainer status: maintained
  • Maintainer: Austin Hendrix <ahendrix AT willowgarage DOT com>
  • Author: Maintained by Wim Meeussen
  • License: BSD
  • Source: git (branch: hydro-devel)
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The user's interface to the pr2_robot stack is pr2_bringup, which provides launch files that can be used to bring up a robot. The other packages in this stack are used during the bringup process, and are not usually accessed directly by users.

Running the PR2

Starting up the robot is not any different from launching a normal ROS program. You first set your ROS environment, and then launch the robot.launch file that corresponds to the distribution you are using:

  •  source /opt/ros/DISTRO/setup.bash
     roslaunch /etc/ros/DISTRO/robot.launch

With DISTRO replaced by 'boxturtle', 'cturtle' or 'diamondback'.

Learning about the PR2 systems

Check out the tutorials that guide you through all the steps for running the PR2.

Looking for PR2 Support?

Go to PR2 Support.

Report a Bug

Report new issues on Github

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