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Teleop a robot via Concert

Description: describes how to capture a robot and teleop via concert

Keywords: rocon concert solution

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


This tutorial describes how to teleop your robot via teleop service. This tutorial assumes that concert and robot are running already. If you haven't, please complete Join Concert as a Client and Bring up a Concert tutorials.

If everything is started properly, a client is visible in Conductor Graph and Teleop service is shown in Concert Service Info

Conductor Graph

Service Info

alt text

alt text


Rocon Remocon

Rocon Remocon is a client access GUI that allows to start client apps through interactions handler. This is utilised to access services in your concert. It is also used to support rocon_app_manager/Tutorials/indigo/Pairing in Appable robot standalone mode. Please refer to rocon_interactions and rocon_remocon for more details.

  > rocon_remocon # or rqt_remocon

Master Chooser

Role Chooser

Interactions Chooser

alt text

alt text

alt text

Concert Teleop

Concert Teleop is a rqt plugin which allows to capture an available teleop resource from the concert resource pool and teleoperate it with video feed. This interaction is exposed when Teleop Service is enabled in concert.

alt text

What's Next?

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