Text-based Tutorials

  1. Markers: Sending Basic Shapes (C++)

    Shows how to use visualization_msgs/Marker messages to send basic shapes (cube, sphere, cylinder, arrow) to rviz.

  2. Markers: Points and Lines (C++)

    Teaches how to use the visualization_msgs/Marker message to send points and lines to rviz.

  3. Interactive Markers: Getting Started

    This tutorial explains what Interactive Marker are and teaches you some of the basic concepts.

  4. Interactive Markers: Writing a Simple Interactive Marker Server

    This tutorial explains how to setup a minimalist server which manages a single interactive marker.

  5. Interactive Markers: Basic Controls

    This tutorial explains how the basic_controls tutorial code works.

  6. Plugins: New Display Type

    How to write a plugin which adds a new display capability to RViz.

  7. Plugins: New Dockable Panel

    How to write a plugin which adds a new type of dock-able Panel widget to RViz.

  8. Plugins: New Tool Type

    How to write a plugin which adds a new tool to RViz.

  9. Librviz: Incorporating RViz into a Custom GUI

    How to write an application using an RViz visualization widget.

  10. Rviz in Stereo

    Teaches how to set up Rviz to render in 3D Stereo.

Video Tutorials

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