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Testing SRS interface and interactions under with command consoles.
  1. robot stands at zero position
  2. robot search in room for milkbox based on common knowledge from semantic DB
  3. robot perceive object information based on environment perception and object detection
  4. robot adjust position autonomously based on decision making and symbolic grounding
  5. robot grasp the object and transfer the object to the tray
  6. robot brings milkbox to the sofa in the IPA kitchen


This section shows how to start the simulation with all related services.

  1. For simplify the debugging process, srs scenario in the simulation can be started with one of the following options:
    roslaunch srs_scenarios srs_scenario_sim.launch 

    This scenario use slightly modified generic states from cob_scenarios. Ps, Robot will not grasp object immediately after detection. It is a simple scenario for most of users.

    roslaunch srs_scenarios srs_scenario_planned_grasp.launch

    This scenario use planned arm movement (IPA) and srs_grasp (ROB). It has been used in the Milan test.

    roslaunch srs_scenarios srs_scenario_assisted_grasp.launch

    This scenario use srs_assisted_arm_navigation developed by BUT for assisted arm movement

    roslaunch  srs_scenarios srs_scenario_assisted_detection.launch

    This scenario use enable a interactive process of srs_assisted_detection for object detection.

  2. Add a milk bottle in the simulation on either kitchen or table
    roslaunch srs_scenarios milk_kitchen.launch 
    roslaunch srs_scenarios milk_table.launch 
  3. Start a testing client (The testing client would simulate the input from an interface device)
    rosrun srs_decision_making
    start the getting milk process
    rosrun  srs_decision_making
    Pause the operation
    rosrun  srs_decision_making
    Resume the operation
    rosrun  srs_decision_making
    Stop the operation
  4. Additional client for assisted detection These commands are only for testing purposes, they should be replaced by the commands sent from the UIs
    rosrun srs_assisted_detection
    Trigger an assisted detection
    rosrun srs_assisted_detection 
    Confirm a selected object
    Specify a new bounding box The service below is required for the bounding box related moves
    rosrun srs_symbolic_grounding

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