This tutorial package provides a turtle_tf_broadcaster and turtle_tf_listener for teaching the basic concepts of tf. The default demo will cause turtle2 to follow turtle1, the tf tutorials extend this demo.

Running the Tutorial Code

To run the default example, start by getting the required dependencies and making the package.

$ rosdep install turtle_tf
$ rosmake turtle_tf 

Then in roslaunch the demo:

$ roscd turtle_tf
$ roslaunch launch/turtle_tf_demo.launch

You will see the turtlesim start with two turtles.

  • tf/Tutorials/Introduction to tf/turtle_tf_start.png

Once the turtlesim is started you can drive the center turtle around in the turtlesim using the keyboard arrow keys, select the roslaunch terminal window so that your keystrokes will be captured to drive the turtle.

  • tf/Tutorials/Introduction to tf/turtle_tf_drive.png

As you can see that one turtle will continuously move to follow the turtle you are driving around.

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