Supported Hardware

This driver should works with every camera



dynamic_sender is a driver for cameras. This driver was designed to get camera images from a Corobot.

Subscribed Topics

camera/set_videomode (corobot_msgs/videomode)
  • Set the video mode
camera/set_state (corobot_msgs/state)
  • Set the camera state

Published Topics

/camera/image_raw (sensor_msgs/Image)
  • Image of the camera


device (string, default: /dev/video0)
  • path to the camera
topic (string, default: /camera/image_raw)
  • topic name for the image
width (int, default: 960)
  • width of the image
height (int, default: 720)
  • height of the image
fps (int, default: 30)
  • frames per second
camera_parameter_file (string, default: ../camera_parameters.txt)
  • path to the configuration file for the camera
isjpeg (bool, default: false)
  • Setup the camera to send jpeg images

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