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The graph_mapping stack contains code for doing pose graph-based SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) for a single mobile robot.


This is a released stack. The current development series is 0.3.x, released against ROS diamondback.


To use the laser slam algorithms, look at the launch files in the laser_slam package.


  • The pose_graph package contains the basic ros-independent pose graph data structures, as well as conversion to and from ROS messages.

  • The graph_slam package contains the parent class for SLAM ros nodes, that is independent of the particular sensor type, localization algorithm, etc.

  • The laser_slam package contains a particular instantiation of graph_slam for 2d laser data, using scan matching as the localization algorithm and constraint source.

  • The occupancy_grid_utils package contains various useful operations on the nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid type such as coordinate conversions and ray tracing.

  • The graph_mapping_utils package contains other generally used utilities.

  • The graph_mapping_msgs contains the message and service definitions that comprise the ROS interface of this stack.

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