The laser_scan_splitter takes in a sensor_msgs/LaserScan message and splits it into a number of other LaserScan messages. Each of the resulting laser scans can be assigned an arbitrary coordinate frame, and is published on a separate topic.


You can run the laser_scan_splitter on a pre-recorded bag file that comes with the package. First, make sure you have the scan_tools stack downloaded and installed by following the instructions here.

Next, make sure you have the necessary tools installed:

   1 rosmake rviz rosbag

Finally, run the demo:

   1 roslaunch laser_scan_splitter demo.launch

You should see a result similar to the video below. The 3 laser scan messages displayed in rviz are obtained by splitting the original scan.

Nodes & Nodelets

Two drivers are available: laser_scan_splitter_node and laser_scan_splitter_nodelet. Their parameters and topics are identical.

laser_scan_splitter_node / laser_scan_splitter_nodelet

The laser_scan_splitter_node takes in sensor_msgs/LaserScan messages, splits them, and outputs the resulting messages.

Subscribed Topics

scan (sensor_msgs/LaserScan)
  • Scans from a laser range-finder

Published Topics

~scan_[n] (sensor_msgs/LaserScan)
  • An arbitrary number of topics containing the LaserScan segments. By default, the input beam is split in two, and ~scan_1 and ~scan_2 are published. The user can change the number of segments and their corresponding topic names using the parameters.


~sizes (string, default: "256 256")
  • the number of beams in each of the output scans. The string can contain an arbitrary number of sizes, but they must add up to the size of the input message. The default splits the laser scan into a left scan with 256 beams and a right scan with 256 beams.
~topics (string, default: "scan_1 scan_2")
  • the published topic names. The topics are published private to the node. The string can contain an arbitrary number of topics, but note that the number of topics must match the number of sized and frames.
~frames (string, default: "laser laser")
  • the frames in which the scans are published. The string can contain an arbitrary number of frames, but note that the number of frames must match the number of sized and topics.

Bug Reports & Feature Requests

We appreciate the time and effort spent submitting bug reports and feature requests.

Please submit your tickets through github (requires github account) or by emailing the maintainers.

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