If you're trying to create a virtual laserscan from your RGBD device, and your sensor is forward-facing, you'll find depthimage_to_laserscan will be much more straightforward and efficient since it operates on image data instead of bulky pointclouds. However, if your sensor is angled, or you have some other esoteric use case, you may find this node to be very helpful!

Please check the FAQ for common problems, or open an issue if still unsolved.



pointcloud_to_laserscan_node takes a point cloud and generates a 2D laser scan based on the provided parameters.

Subscribed Topics

cloud_in (sensor_msgs/PointCloud2)
  • The input point cloud.

Published Topics

scan (sensor_msgs/LaserScan)
  • The output laser scan.


~min_height (double, default: 0.0)
  • The minimum height to sample in the point cloud in meters.
~max_height (double, default: 1.0)
  • The maximum height to sample in the point cloud in meters.
~angle_min (double, default: -π/2)
  • The minimum scan angle in radians.
~angle_max (double, default: π/2)
  • The maximum scan angle in radians.
~angle_increment (double, default: π/360)
  • Resolution of laser scan in radians per ray.
~scan_time (double, default: 1.0/30.0)
  • The scan rate in seconds.
~range_min (double, default: 0.45)
  • The minimum ranges to return in meters.
~range_max (double, default: 4.0)
  • The maximum ranges to return in meters.
~target_frame (str, default: none)
  • If provided, transform the pointcloud into this frame before converting to a laser scan. Otherwise, laser scan will be generated in the same frame as the input point cloud.
~concurrency_level (int, default: 1)
  • Number of threads to use for processing pointclouds. If 0, automatically detect number of cores and use the equivalent number of threads. Input queue size for pointclouds is tied to this parameter. In nodelet form, number of threads is capped by the nodelet manager configuration.
~use_inf (boolean, default: true)
  • If disabled, report infinite range (no obstacle) as range_max + 1. Otherwise report infinite range as +inf. Associated with the inf_is_valid parameter for costmap_2d obstacle layers.


Same API as node, available as pointcloud_to_laserscan/pointcloud_to_laserscan_nodelet.

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