To use this stack you will need:

  • a PR2 Robot
  • a canvas (for example a whiteboard on a table)
  • a thick pen (the PR2 must be able to hold it in its grippers)
  • a surface to put the pen on (for example the canvas)
  • a well lit room
  • enough room around the PR2
  • at least two persons (one at the basestation, and a photo victim)


The following steps need to be done on the robot as well as on the basestation.

First you have to check out and rosmake the two stacks ee_cart_imped and people.

To compile this stack from source you need to checkout the code of the stack from the svn link stated above, add the source directory to your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH (e.g. in ~/.bashrc), source that file and run

rosdep install portrait_bot
rosmake portrait_bot

That will download and compile the portrait_bot sourcecode, and compile all related ROS packages.


See the tutorial for how to run the portrait bot.



Here is an annotated screenshot of the main GUI. main gui frame


The code is located in the repository of the University of Freiburg alufr-ros-pkg.

Files are available at Google Code.

Report a Bug

For problems related to the portrait_bot stack itself, contact Juergen Hess.

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