Only released in EOL distros:  


Warning: this package is currently under development.

$ rosrun pr2_pick_and_place_service 



pick_and_place_detach_object (pr2_pick_and_place_service/DetachObjectFromGripper)
  • Opens the specified hand
pick_and_place_detect_object (pr2_pick_and_place_service/DetectObjects)
  • Detects objects in robot's workspace
pick_and_place_detect_table (pr2_pick_and_place_service/DetectTable)
  • Detects the table
pick_and_place_pickup_object (pr2_pick_and_place_service/PickUpObject)
  • Picks up a specified object with the specified arm
pick_and_place_point_head (pr2_pick_and_place_service/PointHead)
  • Points the head at the current place rectangle and also can direct heads in small increments
pick_and_place_take_collisionmap (pr2_pick_and_place_service/TakeCollisionMap)
  • Description: Takes a collision map
pick_and_place_place_object (pr2_pick_and_place_service/PlaceObject)
  • Places object in the indicated hand at either the place rectangle or where it came from
pick_and_place_move_arm_to_side (pr2_pick_and_place_service/MoveArmToSide)
  • Moves arm to the side

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