2.5D Navigation in ROS

Core Interaces

  • nav_grid - A templatized interface for overlaying a two dimensional grid on the world.

  • nav_core2 - Core Costmap and Planner Interfaces

  • nav_2d_msgs - Basic message types for two and a half dimensional navigation.

Local Planning

  • dwb_local_planner - The core planner logic and plugin interfaces.

  • dwb_msgs - ROS Interfaces for interacting with the dwb local planner.

  • dwb_plugins - Plugin implementations for velocity iteration and trajectory generation

  • dwb_critics - Critic plugin implementations needed for replicating behavior of dwa

Global Planning

Planner Coordination

  • locomotor - Extensible path planning coordination engine that controls what happens when the global and local planners succeed and fail

  • locomotor_msgs - An action definition for Locomotor and other related messages

  • locomove_base - Extension of Locomotor that replicates move_base's functionality.


Backwards Compatibility

Report a Bug

Use GitHub to report bugs or submit feature requests. [View active issues]

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