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roch: roch_bringup | roch_follower | roch_navigation | roch_teleop

Package Summary

roch Project

roch: roch_follower | roch_navigation | roch_rapps | roch_teleop

Package Summary

roch Project




roch is a group of simple demos and examples to run Roch robot, which will help you get started with ROS and Roch.

Here have some tutorials about how to use stack package roch.

Geometric Packages

  • roch_bringup - Bringup driver of hardware with Roch.

    • roch_bringup provides roslaunch scripts for starting the Roch base and sensors functionality.
  • roch_follower - Package of follower demo with ROS.

    • Follower for the Roch. Follows humans and robots around by following the centroid of a image of depth in front of the Roch.
  • roch_navigation - Package of navigation demos with ROS, such as SLAM and navigation.

    • Autonomous mapping and navigation demos for the SawYer Roch.

  • roch_teleop - Package of teleoperation demos with ROS.

    • Provides teleoperation using joysticks or keyboard.
  • roch_rapps - Package of Rocon GUI demos with ROS.

    • Provides GUI for turn on/off capabilities with Roch.

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