Installing and Configuring with the roch Stack

  1. Installation of roch stack.

    This tutorial provides a guide to install stack package of roch.

  2. Using package of roch_bringup

    How to use package of roch_bringup in Roch

  3. Changing env about roch

    Check out and configure env variables on Roch.

  4. Using package of roch_follower

    How to use roch_follower and what's inside.

  5. SLAM Map Building with Roch and navigation

    How to generate a map using gmapping, and navigation on a static map after mapping using lidar.

  6. Setup the Navigation Stack for Roch

    Setup the Navigation Stack for Roch.

  7. Using package of roch_teleop

    How to use roch_teleop and what's inside.

  8. Network configuration for Roch

    How to configure Network for Roch

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