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Using package of roch_bringup

Description: How to use package of roch_bringup in Roch

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: Changing env of roch

This tutorial assumes that you have a Roch and under these tutorials will run on Roch, also roch_robot you have installed.

Launch minimal

  • Bring up the roch
    roslaunch roch_bringup minimal.launch

This launch file will turn on all hardware driver such as communication with Roch, robot description, robot_localization, ros_control and so on. This launch file is the most basic package before you launch another demo such as roch_follower, roch_navigation, roch_bringup.

Launch sensors

  • Launch sensors on Roch.

    roslaunch roch_bringup sensor.launch

This launch file will turn on sensors included lidar such as LS01C and Rplidar or 3D camera such as Micrsoft Kinect, Asus Xtion, Intel Realsense 200 and Orbbec Astra.

You should change environment variable in .bashrc file if you want to chose another sensor. Open .bashrc and add following lines:

  • export ROCH_3D_SENSOR=r200 #for now have three support sensor [ asus_xtion_pro, kinect, r200]
    export ROCH_LASER=ls01c                 #[ls01c, rplidar]

Default rplidar is A1.

Launch rocon app

If you want to use rocon for multimaster with Roch, you should launch concert_minimal.launch at first, which will run roch apps for both Qt and android, command shown follow:

  • roslaunch roch_bringup concert_minimal.launch

Checkout on android

After this you can install rocon_remocon apk for your android device.

Choose Roch wifi and type password, for how to configure please read Network

When you fire up rocon_remocon will see mainly layout under.


Add Roch master:


note: default master URI is

Click Roch you will find choose role:


Choose different role you will find some app you can perform.

roch_documentation.png android_pairing.png

For example launch navigation:


Checkout on Qt

Under this is a screenshot after fire up rqt_remocon or rocon_remocon.

  • rqt_remocon # or recon_remocon


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