Note: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the ROS Tutorials. The code for this stack is available in the roch_robot..
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Using package of roch_safety_controller

Description: This tutorial provides a guide on using package of roch_safety_controller.

Keywords: sensor point cloud

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: How to using package of roch_sensor with Roch.


  1. Demo

Before start our tutorial, we assumes you had finished ROS and roch_robot, roch, roch_viz and roch_simulator with installation.


For running this package, we provide you a launch file for testing alone, with named standalone.launch. Before test, you should do follow steps:

  • Make sure power on and USB cable to Roch and PC.
  • Make sure launch minimal.

  roslaunch roch_bringup minimal.launch
  • Runing test demo launch.

  roslaunch roch_safety_controller standalone.launch

And now, if you go near Roch about 0.1 meter about front, left front, right front, Roch will have correspond action, such as at front with less 0.1 meter and Roch will move back.

And distance as example about 0.1 meter can be modified in movile_base.launch.xml, and parameters you can see at roch_base.

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