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(!) This package is still experimental. Feedback from early users are appreciated.


% rqt

And choose Launch from Plugins menu.

See rqt/UserGuide#Running_rqt_plugins for more options.


Sample image using KDE: launch top window Sample image using Gnome: launch top window

Feature implemented

Users can:

  • See all .launch files on the local file system, and select one in the pulldown menu.

  • See all nodes defined in a .launch file. In the image above, elements of each row are (from left):

    • name of instantiated node

      number of times run

      start&stop button

      restart-able button

      pkg name

      .launch file name

      ARG input field

  • Run and stop nodes individually
  • Change ARG element value in .launch file before the node gets started

  • Start and stop all nodes at once

What rqt_launch does NOT do

This list is just a clarification/disclaimer. Enhancement request is welcomed at Bugtracker (link is available at Package Summary of this page).

  • Edit .launch file

  • Show hierarchy of included .launch files -- nodes that are defined in included files are shown on the same level without being noted so.

  • Error or any print output in each node's process is not caught.
    • a workaround is to use rqt_console along with rqt_launch

Difference between roslaunch

As noted here, roslaunch doesn't guarantee that the nodes start running in any order. In rqt_launch, however, nodes get started in the order in the .launch file (still doesn't mean that each process finished initialization procedure in the started order - it depends on how much time they take).

Design discussion

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