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Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle (RUV) is designed for rough, rugged, outdoor environments. With four 26" all-terrain tires, a solid steel chassis, and 48V at 400Ah of power, it's ideal for military, mining an agricultural applications. Grizzly RUV offers incredible strength, an unbeatable control system and front axle articulation that keeps the vehicle grounded and stable on even the most challenging terrain. Combined power and precision is the result of onboard current and voltage sensors, high precision wheel encoders, IMU, GPS, and a maximum drawbar of almost 1700lbf. Grizzly fully supports ROS - all of the packages are available in the Grizzly github org.

To install the software on your control computer, first ensure that you are using Ubuntu, and have ROS Indigo installed.

If you'd like the simulation and visualization components, please also grab the desktop packages:

sudo apt-get install ros-indigo-grizzly-desktop ros-indigo-grizzly-navigation ros-indigo-grizzly-simulator


If you're not working on a real-life Grizzly, please see the grizzly_simulator page to get started simulating Grizzly in Gazebo.

Using Grizzly

The Grizzly always comes with a Clearpath-installed computer. To drive the Grizzly with the included joystick, simply turn the start key, enable the run-stop, and press the pair button on the controller.

Upstart Installation

The Grizzly computer automatically starts a ros master and all associated device drivers on boot. The grizzly-core job comes up with the br0 network device by default, which is a bridge connected to wireless or wired networks, depending on customer configuration. You can stop, start, and restart the job like any other upstart job:

sudo service grizzly-core restart

To add more launch files to the job, copy them into the /etc/ros/hydro/Grizzly-core.d folder. Next time the job comes up, your software will launch along with it. For details, please see the robot_upstart package.

If the computer you are setting up is one purchased from Clearpath Robotics with a factory sensor suite, the install script may be able to automatically detect some of your devices and add appropriate launchers files to the grizzly-core job.

For more information or to receive a quote, please visit us online.

Supporting Packages

Please click through to any of these for specific usage examples.

URDF model


rviz tools

grizzly_viz • grizzly_interactive_markers










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Clearpath Robotics’ Grizzly Robotic Utility Vehicle

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