This package is fairly specific to the POS-LV device used in the ART autonomous vehicle. For a long time, it was the only Applanix driver available in ROS.

Now, there is a more-complete implementation called applanix_driver, developed by Clearpath Robotics with help from Applanix engineers. We recommend using that driver instead of this one for new applications.

Applanix Odometry driver


  rosrun applanix odometry [options]

    -f <filename>  PCAP packet dump file name (default: use real device)
    -h, -?         print help text
    -q <integer>   set ROS topic queue depth (default: 1)
    -t <filename>  run unit test with fake data from <filename>


Read the Applanix POS-LV, publishing gps and odom messages.

$ rosrun applanix odometry

Read previously captured Applanix packets from dump.pcap file.

$ rosrun applanix odometry -f dump.pcap


Subscribed Topics

shifter/state (art_msgs/Shifter)
  • Transmission gear currently selected.

Published Topics

odom (nav_msgs/Odometry)
  • Three-dimensional odometry from Applanix POS-LV.
imu (sensor_msgs/Imu)
  • Inertial measurements from Applanix POS-LV.
gps (art_msgs/GpsInfo)
  • Latitude and longitude data from Applanix POS-LV.

Provided tf Transforms

  • 2D frame in UTM grid at same elevation as vehicle.
  • 3D pose of vehicle in UTM grid relative to mean sea level.

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