This package provides the katana_teleop_key ROS node, which provides a keyboard-based teleoperation for the Neuronics Katana 450 arm.


This nodes provides keyboard-based teleoperation of a Neuronics Katana 450 arm.

Subscribed Topics

joint_states (sensor_msgs/JointState)
  • The node subscribes to the joint_states topic and alters the joint state according to the keyboard input.


increment (double, default: 0.017453293)
  • gives the value by which the joint position will be altered, by default: 0.017453293 rad = 1 degree
increment_stepsize (double, default: 0.017453293)
  • gives the value by which the increment can be increased/decreased, by default: 0.017453293 rad = 1 degree
increment_step_scaling (double, default: 1.0)
  • gices the value by which the increment_stepsize can be scaled while in/decreasing the increment


  • Press 'ws' to increase/decrease the joint position about one increment
  • Press 'ad' to switch to the next/previous joint * Press '0-5' to choose a joint/gripper
  • Press '+#' to alter the increment by a +1/-1 increment_step_size * increment_step_scaling
  • Press ',.' to alter the scaling factor by -/+ 1.0
  • Press 'r' to return to the arm's initial pose
  • Press 'i' to display this manual and the current joint state
  • Press 'q' to shutdown the node (the arm will be reset to it's initial pose first)
    • NOTICE: this initial position might not be a proper resting pose to switch off the arm's power supply

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