The Test Manager system starts, stops and monitors hardware tests on robot components.

To start Test Manager:

rosrun life_test test_manager.py

You can enable a "debug mode" by giving a "--debug" option.

To use Test Manager, scan a component serial number into the starting box. Select which test to run and proceed.

Role of Test Manager

In the WG hardware testing system, Test Manager oversees the burn in/life testing system.

  • Loading/launching life tests/burn in tests
  • Monitoring and displaying test output
  • Logging and reporting data to the WG inventory system

Implementation Details

Software Modules

Modules for the Test Manager application.

Configuration Loading

Modules config_loader.py, test_bay.py, test_param.py and result_dir.py store configuration data for different tests and "rooms". These modules are well covered by a unit test.


Modules manager.py and test_monitor_panel.py contain the GUI. Test Manager is not a model-view-controller piece of software, and the GUI isn't separated from the implementation. These modules have no test coverage.

Logging / Invent

The module test_record.py contains the logger for processing the status of each test. This modules is well-tested in test_pr2_self_test. A script in test_pr2_self_test/test/test_invent tests that Test Manager logs can be submitted to Invent properly.

Configuration Files


The file life_test/tests.xml loads details about individual tests. Each test is assigned to a serial number, and a serial number may have more than one test.

   1 <tests>
   2   <test serial="faketes" name="Simple Test" 
   3         id="fake-burn" debug="true"
   4         short="Fake" duration="40"
   5         desc="Test to test life GUI"
   6         script="simple_test/test.launch" 
   7         power="false" type="Life Test" >
   8 </tests>

The fields under the "test" tag include:

  • serial - First 7 serial digits number of the device under test.

  • name - Full name of test

  • id - ID of test, used for creating test BoM

  • short - Short name of test, displayed on title

  • desc - Test decription. Displayed in the "instructions" panel

  • script - Launch file to load. Path is given relative to the life_test package.

  • power - Whether the test needs power board enabled/disabled

  • type - String for type of test. Generally "Life Test".

  • duration - Test duration in hours. Set "0" or leave empty for continuous. Default: 0

  • debug - Whether the test can run outside of debug mode (default: False)

Test Room Configuration

The file life_test/wg_test_rooms.xml loads the configuration files for each room and test "bay". A "bay" is a place where a test can be run. Only one test can run in a bay at a time. Each room has multiple bays.

   1 <rooms>
   2   <room hostname="ckb" >
   3     <bay name="ckb"   machine="ckb"   board="1002" breaker="2" />
   4     <bay name="testi" machine="testi" board="1001" breaker="1" />
   5   </room>
   6 </rooms>

The "hostname" of a room is the complete hostname of the master computer. All slaves are given in "bay" tags.

Fields for "bay" tag:

  • name - Name of bay.

  • machine - Hostname of bay

  • board - Power board serial (ex: 1000). Optional

  • breaker - 0, 1, 2. Optional

If the power board and breaker aren't specified, tests that need power won't be able to run on that bay.

Note that a single machine can have multiple bays.

Modifying Configuration

Both files can be reloaded while Test Manager is running through the menu at the top. If either file fails to load, the Test Manager will warn the user and continue using the original configuration. These files are checked by the regression test, and be tested by calling "make test" in the package life_test.

Launching Tests

Tests are launched in the ROS namespace of the bay they are running in. For example, launching a gripper life test in bay "testq" puts the entire test in the "testq" namespace.

Global topics, parameters and services will not work for any test running in the Test Manager system. The only exception is the /diagnostics and /tf topics, which are remapped to /BAY/diagnostics and /BAY/tf by the Test Manager.

The test launch file is included into a main Test Manager launch file and launched in the bay namespace. This additional main launch file contains:

  • Remaps from /diagnostics to /BAY/diagnostics, /tf to /BAY/tf
  • Machine tags:
    • localhost : Test Manager machine

    • test_host : Remote machine to run test. Default.

  • rosbag recorders for diagnostics and motor trace data.

A power board node is started by Test Manager when any test that needs power is launched. The power is controlled through the ROS service interface to the power board node.

Monitoring Tests

Test Manager users pr2_hardware_test_monitor to monitor the status and progress of tests. It listens to the /BAY/test_status topic for each bay and logs progress and updates. This monitor must be included in the launch file of the test.

The monitor determines the status of the test as "OK", "Warning", "Error" or "Stale". The "elapsed time" counter for a test will only advance if the status is "OK". If Test Manager does not receive data from the monitor for 180 seconds, it will shut down the test and disable the power.

Heartbeat Topic

The /heartbeat topic is published at 1Hz. This is used as a "deadman" or "keepalive" by the monitors. Any monitor that does not receive a heartbeat will report "No Heartbeat" and halt. The "Run" button will reset this condition.

Log Files

Test Manager generates CSV log files in the ~/wg_hardware_test/test_manager directory. These files are tarred up and loaded into the inventory system by Test Manager at the end of every test (when the "Close" button on each panel is pressed).

A note is added to the inventory system during each test. The note updates with the current status and progress of the test approximately every 10 minutes.

Bag Files

Diagnostics, and motor traces are recorded into bag files in the /hwlog directory. Bags are stored with the serial number of the device-under-test in the filename.

Test Manager ROS API


Starts, stops and logs all WG burn in tests

Subscribed Topics

/NAMESPACE/test_status (pr2_self_test_msgs/TestStatus)
  • Status for each device-under-test
/NAMESPACE/diagnostics (diagnostic_msgs/DiagnosticArray)
  • Diagnostics for each device-under-test (displayed in runtime_monitor)
/diagnostics (diagnostic_msgs/DiagnosticArray)
  • Diagnostics, for power board info

Published Topics

/test_info (pr2_self_test_msgs/TestInfoArray)
  • Current status of all devices under test.
/heartbeat (std_msgs/Empty)
  • Heartbeat or keepalive for any slaves.

Additional Documentation

PR2 Burn In Test Overview

Links to relevant tutorials:

Starting the Test Status Viewer

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