Only released in EOL distros:  


This package contains scripts and launch files for testing SRS assisted arm navigation pipeline. There is fake decision making which can be used instead of srs_decision_making for testing. Package also contains copy of assisted arm navigation generic states.


rosmake srs_arm_navigation_tests




File implements two smach generic states which can be used as part of state machine:

  • move_arm_to_given_positions_assisted
    • for user assisted trajectory planning i.e. for move the arm to the pre-grasp position
  • move_arm_from_a_given_position_assisted
    • for user assisted navigation to a safe position
  • launch needed stuff:

roslaunch srs_arm_navigation_tests fake_dm_test.launch
  • spawn milk:

roslaunch srs_arm_navigation_tests milk_box.launch
  • run the fake decision making

roslaunch srs_arm_navigation_tests fake_dm_only.launch
  • It will test both generic states in this order:
    • move_arm_to_given_positions_assisted
    • move_arm_from_a_given_position_assisted
  • Fake_dm will try to use srs_grasping services to obtain pregrasp position. If it's not possible fake ones will be used (just to test visualization).


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