The cob_sick_s300 package provides two configurable nodes for operating with the scanners.


The cob_sick_s300 node takes in sensor_msgs/LaserScan messages and send this directly to the hardware.

Published Topics

scan (sensor_msgs/LaserScan)
  • Publishes the single scan from a planar laser range-finder.
scan_standby (std_msgs/Bool)
  • Whether this scanner is in standby mode.
/diagnostics (diagnostic_msgs/DiagnosticArray)
  • Publishes ROS diagnostics for this driver.


port (string, default: "/dev/ttyUSB0")
  • Device address of can module, e.g. /dev/ttyScan1...
baud (int, default: 500000)
  • Baudrate: for most setups 500000
scan_duration (int, default: 0.025)
  • How long one actual scan takes (without the internal calibration procedure)
scan_cycle_time (int, default: 0.040)
  • How long the one turn of the scan takes (usually 0.040 seconds)
inverted (boolean, default: false)
  • Wether the scanner is mounted upside down or not. NOTE: this flag turns the output of the scanner, so you don't need to turn the frame upside down.
scan_id (int, default: 7)
  • Scan_id for Guest/Host-Setups. ID for Guest is 8, for Host 7, for regular setups always 7.
frame_id (string, default: "/base_laser_link")
  • name of the link of the scanner in the robot_description
publish_frequency (int, default: 12)
  • Frequency [Hz] of the published scan


The cob_scan_filter node takes sensor_msgs/LaserScan messages and sends a filtered copy of it to the hardware.

Subscribed Topics

scan_in (sensor_msgs/LaserScan)
  • Receives the scan message.

Published Topics

scan_out (sensor_msgs/LaserScan)
  • Publishes the filtered scan message.


scan_intervals (list of scan intervals, default: Required)
  • these intervals are included to the scan


This package is not intended to be used directly, but with the corresponding launch and yaml files from e.g. cob_bringup in the cob_robots stack. For starting use:

roslaunch cob_bringup laser_front.launch
roslaunch cob_bringup laser_rear.launch

For including in your overall launch file use

<include file="$(find cob_bringup)/components/laser_front.launch" />
<include file="$(find cob_bringup)/components/laser_rear.launch" />

All hardware configuration is done in the cob_hardware_config package. A sample parameter file in "cob_hardware_config/cob3-3/config/laser_front.yaml" could look like this

port: /dev/ttyScan1
baud: 500000
scan_duration: 0.025 #no info about that in SICK-docu, but 0.025 is believable and looks good in rviz
scan_cycle_time: 0.040 #SICK-docu says S300 scans every 40ms
inverted: true
scan_id: 7
frame_id: /base_laser_front_link
scan_intervals: [[-1.3526, 1.361357]] #[rad] these intervals are included to the scan

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