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Node API

The simple_arm_server package contains a single node, which offers an action-based interface. This server can generate joint trajectories for 4 and 5 DOF arms using the arm_kinematics package for IK. It transparently handles the issues of low-dof manipulators being unable to reach all 6-dof poses.

The output of the simple_arm_server uses the same action-based interface as arm_navigation. The simple_arm_server does not do collision avoidance, if you are looking for collision avoidance planning please see move_arm

ROS Parameters

~arm_dof (int, default: 5)

  • Number of servos in the arm chain between root and tip (not including gripper).
~root_name (str, default: base_link)
  • Name of frame that arm is rooted at.
~tip_name (str, default: gripper_link)
  • Name of frame that gripper tip is at.
~timeout (float, default: 5.0)
  • Maximum amount of time to wait for IK solution.

Action API

The node provides an implementation of a SimpleActionServer (see actionlib documentation), that takes in goals containing simple_arm_server/MoveArmGoal messages. You can communicate with the simple_arm_server node over ROS directly, but the recommended way to send goals to simple_arm_server if you care about tracking their status is by using the SimpleActionClient. Please see actionlib documentation for more information.

Action Subscribed Topics

move_arm/goal (simple_arm_server/MoveArmGoal)

  • A goal for the simple_arm_server to pursue in the world.
move_arm/cancel (actionlib_msgs/GoalID)
  • A request to cancel a specific goal.

Action Published Topics

move_arm/feedback (simple_arm_server/MoveArmFeedback)

  • Feedback contains the estimated time to completion
move_arm/status (actionlib_msgs/GoalStatusArray)
  • Provides status information on the goals that are sent to the move_arm action.
move_arm/result (simple_arm_server/MoveArmActionResult)
  • Provides boolean status of success or failure.

Other Subscriptions

joint_states (sensor_msgs/JointStates)

  • Used to seed the IK solver.

Required Services

arm_kinematics/get_ik (kinematics_msgs/GetPositionIK)

  • Used to get IK solution.
arm_kinematics/get_ik_solver_info (kinematics_msgs/GetKinematicSolverInfo)
  • Used to get info on the IK solver.


Action Outputs

follow_joint_trajectory/goal (control_msgs/FollowJointTrajectoryGoal)

  • Output to arm controller.

Published Topics

gripper_controller/command (std_msgs/Float64)
  • Output command to gripper.

Configuring for Your Robot

The simple_arm_server package has a launch file (launch/arm_server.launch) which can bring up the arm_kinematics package and the simple_arm_server with the correct parameters. To use this launch file, and supply it the correct parameters, you would add something like:

  <include file="$(find simple_arm_server)/launch/arm_server.launch">
    <arg name="arm_dof" value="4" />
    <arg name="root_name" value="arm_base_link" />
     <arg name="tip_name" value="gripper_link" />

To your robot bringup launch file, supplying the correct root, tip and dof values for your robot.

Command Line Usage

The script allows you to move the arm, using the server, through the command line:

usage: x y z wrist_pitch [wrist_roll=0.0 wrist_yaw=0.0 frame_id='base_link' duration=5.0]

Small 5-DOF arms often have small workspaces. To get a starting point, you can see where the arm is in relation to the base using:

rosrun tf tf_echo base_link gripper_link

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