The cob_trajectory_controller node takes in trajectory_msgs/JointTrajectory messages and converts this to velocity commands to the hardware driver.

Action Goal

joint_trajectory_action/goal (pr2_controllers_msgs/JointTrajectoryActionGoal)
  • The goal describes the trajectory for the robot to follow.

Action Result

joint_trajectory_action/result (pr2_controllers_msgs/JointTrajectoryActionResult)
  • empty

Action Feedback

joint_trajectory_action/feedback (pr2_controllers_msgs/JointTrajectoryActionFeedback)
  • empty

Published Topics

/joint_states (sensor_msgs/JointState)
  • Publishes the joint states of all modules.
command_vel (brics_actuator/JointVelocities)
  • Publishes the velocity commands for the hardware driver.


set_joint_velocity (cob_trajectory_controller/SetFloat)
  • Sets the maximum velocity in joint space.
set_joint_acceleration (cob_trajectory_controller/SetFloat)
  • Sets the maximum acceleration in joint space.


~ptp_vel (double, default: Required)
  • Maximum velocity in joint space.
~ptp_acc (double, default: Required)
  • Maximum acceleration in joint space.
~max_error (double, default: Required)
  • Maximum allowed deviation from trajectory before controller is stopped.

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