Available Plugins

Currently, there is only one plugin available that simulates the gripper. See packages katana_description and katana_arm_gazebo for usage examples and for information on the Gazebo parameters (not documented here).


Action Goal

posture_action_name/goal (object_manipulation_msgs/GraspHandPostureExecutionActionGoal)
  • Enables one to open or close the gripper via the GRASP or RELEASE command or to move the gripper to a arbitrary position choosing the PRE-GRASP option.

Action Result

posture_action_name/result (object_manipulation_msgs/GraspHandPostureExecutionActionResult)
  • Result of the manipulation task.

Published Topics

gripper_controller_state (katana_msgs/GripperControllerState)
  • The actual position, desired position and error in position of each gripper joint.


grasp_query_name (object_manipulation_msgs/GraspStatus)
  • Asks if a grasp is currently active. Used to query if the object is still detected as present in the hand, using joint angles.


~gripper_object_presence_threshold (double, default: -0.43)
  • A joint angle below this value indicates there is nothing inside the gripper.

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