Only released in EOL distros:  

Services the GraspHandPostureExecution action and GraspHandPostureQuery service, as requested by the object_manipulator.

This package is mostly a thin wrapper for the pr2_gripper_action which talks directly to the PR2 gripper controller.

Running the Manipulation Pipeline

To launch the manipulation pipeline and execute pickup and place tasks using the PR2 robot, tutorials and launch files are provided in pr2_tabletop_manipulation_apps.



gripper_virtual_joint_name (string, default: "undefined")

gripper_object_presence_threshold (double, default: DEFAULT_GRIPPER_OBJECT_PRESENCE_THRESHOLD)
gripper_open_gap_value (double, default: DEFAULT_GRIPPER_OPEN)
gripper_closed_gap_value (double, default: DEFAULT_GRIPPER_CLOSED)
gripper_max_effort (double, default: DEFAULT_GRIPPER_MAX_EFFORT)
gripper_type (string, default: "pr2")

Services Provided


grasp_query_name (object_manipulation_msgs/GraspStatus)

Action Servers Provided

  • posture_action_name (object_manipulation_msgs/GraspHandPostureExecutionAction)

Action Servers Required

  • gripper_action_name (pr2_controllers_msgs/Pr2GripperCommandAction)


Subscribed Topics

joint_states (sensor_msgs/JointState)

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